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Bare with me!!! 2012 hecka werid,wacky and overall crazy~!

Alright i really really haven't been on here in a while, i mean eally not. right now between everything on my account my messages is sitting at "179982" that's submissions,comments,and journals,favortives, and watches combined. X_X i really let this get out of hand, i'm working on becoming more active in the community but as of late i haven't been able to upload a lot of my artwork other then one or two pictues. so now that i'm in a place where i can do a better job of that i plan on uploading three books worthed of sketches and other stuff. hope you all like it. i'm also going to try to revamp my userpage. little by little.

in other news this year has been a wild ride and one i couldn't care much for. as much as i tried to put in it just tons of stuff happened. anywho i'm not going to tabble too much in the past but it all started with some events in the past like being dumped and my younger sister being put in a mental ward in the same week, that next month things got a bit worse i found out about a friend's death from her little girl. well she isn't little anymore. but still.. 3 months late at that. on my older sister's grad night at that... then finally on my mother's b-day i was kicked out. XD yay

2012 kicked off on the best note since my mother's b-day was on the 31st of dec. i was on the bus leaving the state up to another one thinking something awesome was going to unfold well.. i was only half right... in one of my shortest stays ever i was in alabama for only a month and less then three weeks i got kicked because of the main leaseholder/owner of the plot had a problem with me because i wouldn't conform and kneel to the head bitch. XD so with that in mind i was kicked out a week before my birthday and i ended up leaving three days after that. i wasn't sad or mad i thought at the time "the most drama-tastic part of the year was done and over" while yes it was for the most part. there have been alot of things since then that have come up that i compare that whole stay to. and yet that somehow beats everything else. lol

my return to california in three years,things seemed to change in my eyes, i was stronger alittle wiser and bitter then my last time. tho they didn't change me just opened my eyes to the way of the world really, i moved out to the Alameda\Oakland Area part of the bay area, yeah completely out of my happy bubble XD. my stay in california for most of my stay up till the last month and a half. before coming here. shockingly enough that stay while me and my friend did butt heads and well drifted apart. i still care about him to death he's still a friend but yeah... small apartment and two people don't mixed unless they are/were dating for a while. i found tons of new music, i replaced my 360 and well i brought a tablet for myself for missing my b-day, my art, and well to spoil myself at least once because i knew once i got back to florida it wasn't going to happen. lol. sad but true with family..heh.. my family. XD

fast forwarding abit. i got to attend two furcons and i loved them both. one more then the other. this lovely con up in the reno,nv area called "Pawfur" kicked off in the best way ever, the night before the local furs thorugh a nice cookout for everyone local and traveling it was just lovely, we were staying at one of hosts homes and it was just lovely. i plan on going again next year. it was a small con. only 5 bucks for getting in. tho it was only a day con, but what made it better. it was in a awesome casino and it was for a good cause, we started that day alittle fuzzy, further on in the day i was playing a few games before going back and helping my friend on his art flow only to start taking me own. i was shocked and i loved it. i made small amount of cash but i'm overly happy really. dude 35 bucks on my first time doing a convention, that's kick ass seeing as my artwork being kinda mid range stuff. X_X i wish i was better but my prices were really low and showed that i cared about the customer. dubbing my little corner "Corootai's Swinging Art Corner" hehe getting inspired after playing Space Channel 5. having a blast and slowly meeting up with the group i came with and on our way out a local fur revealed himself as one of my favortive furry writers. i squeed... i admit i squeed like a fanboy~girl~fag. i got to meet "Graveyard Greg" my time at my friend's table he was sitting across and i didn't want to hop out of my happy bubble and go "Hi" i'm a tourist :P XD but no i had a blast and i'm happy i found out this way. he gave me a few gifts and it really really ment the world to me. returning back to california with a large ass grind on my face and the rest of my month flew in a blur.

now that second con "Califur" that was could've gone dramaticly better but meh i can't complain too much. i'd hope it was going to get better but it was kinda meh the small feeling i got from the last con wasn't there and well it was just a number of things wrong with the picture..not to mention forced to spend more then i could afford to... which over all killed me. then the ride back and a unwanted guest crawling their way into our lives at the end of the con. things like that kinda really sours my views on that con. not to mention the conbadge i got that was 50 bucks and came out kinda well... crappy. Y_Y tho i am proud of that second badge i ended up getting for ten bucks, and the speicalty soaps. i plan on breaking opening when i get into my new apartment. but yeah.... two weeks at a friends house before being placed over into another place and having that other person adding into things that kinda really stress things out between the guys at that place. they liked me enough but they were so tried of the other guy there were countless times he became a burden and when called out he played the vitcim. every single time...then what was worse was i was trying my damnest to look out for the guy him just losing another friend and you kinda felt for him but then a moment later he does a few things that's stupid, poping a blunt and a few other things just beyond belief. but meh even me i try to be fair across the board but... this guy... heh this guy claimed that i was talking down to him and treating him like crap. but when i stood up for myself he shut the hell up.. i don't get the guy... i guess that's what killed the relationship. he tried playing nice and it really really didn't work. by the end of the month everyone parted ways, a friend left for texas, another moved back home, the guy i was just refuring too took a two day vacation and turned it into a month state that bleed everyone around him dry. went back to san diego. i don't know where the other main roomate went. and another friend that was in kinda the same spot i was but was at the place longer found a temp place to stay locally... i need to talk to him more on where he poofed to. he said elither florida or canada or something. XD anywho that lease ended and i left two days after. it was quite a trip. XD

Finally. i've made it back in florida i've been back for almost three weeks now. and well it's been rather colorful, before i even got back i had to deal with greyhound giving me the run around after buying a ticket returning home they gave me a rough run around for over three days because i didn't buy the ticket the way they wanted me to. 16 bucks shorter i finally was able to get on the bus after spending a nice day with my best friend up there before heading back three days on the bus took a troll on my body by the time i was back in tampa, i had pain all over my left hip and well it made it hard bending over and moving my belongings. luckly i had one of my friend's waiting for. this guy was cute and pretty hot. his name is horus :P he's a tiger from the area hella strong and he picked my box up and lugged it right to his car. then we were off we dropped it off to my mother's place before heading out to breakfast. it was great. then we worked it off with a small tour of the local malls near my mom's place then after realizing the time. we had to part ways. i really enjoyed myself. mnnn about a week after that i got back in contact with alot of my friends and slowly became more active in seeing them. one was in the hosptial and was recovering and i visited him when i had the chance then again this past week. other then that... that's really all i've been up too.
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