coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

trying to get back into the grove of things

I'm trying to get back into the groove of things, the past few months have been everywhere for me. being alienated by my family for more then a half of month back in decmeber to the point where i needed a change and took that chance to rely on others i took a friend's offer to move in with them, they lived a single state away, i tried to go for something more with the person..i got it but then things change there were points where we were in a closed relationship,to a simi open to finally a fully open then being up in the air, after the main roomate by the name of jamie basicly lashes out at random times making the very last being the worse, few days ago he snaps on us and tell all the extra roomates that they all need to gtfo by the first. keep in mind i just got here back on the 31st. and yet i'm already fucked luckly i wasn't relaying on this and i already had a number of places to go in case this random bs to happen... Y_Y it sucks but i really liked it here, then each and everytime jamie started something my like for him and this crappy little apartment/double wide country farm area just no. i dealt with it and tried to be friendly but after him announcing i had to leave regardless i put anything in the house no i have to go. and so i'm just going to leave i don't have time for drama... my suppostive boyfriend really a best friend.. yeah that relationship kinda failed once we started trying hard... we talked about it and well it isn't much left so over all we're just remaining close friends.

lovely way to bring in the new year ^_^
here's hoping this year will go in the right direction.
Tags: annoyed, bitchy, hyped, tired, worried
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