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updates from a dolphie ^_^

it's been over a year since i left seattle, looking at a old light rail day past from the 8th of this month. looking at what i went through with an ex while there. i got through it and i moved on. just like what i'm trying to do now that i'm home. my mom just got some of her test results back there abit of a mixed bag and all it's really telling me is to do my best to help out more. so i'll be working on that and myself. being in this new apartment is pretty awesome tho it's abit cramped i'm working on re doing the room and stuff so i have more room to work with. so give me time.

in other news i went to the furmeet this month and it was pretty good i seen alot of people i've never known where here and i ran into a few faces from my past. that i was intending on leaving it that. the past. with that night coming to an end i get a few texts and calls from friends and while most of them where good and others not so good i managed to filter it all and move on. fast forwarding to around to day. i've been busy this past few weeks with little children at my sister's place of work and even then setting up for a birthday party the next morning and getting most of the kids to behave themselfs was a choir in itself. hehe i was stressed out but i was kinda happy. hehe lol it's hard to explain.
in more random news.
you all remember what happened about 2 months or so? well i thought i was able to move on past it like a grown up and whatnot. well it seems it keeps following me and this is the thrid strike as i got a nasty im from one of the old roomates themselfs, being all fake and really well bs-tastic. at that point i just fully blocked all contact from that person after telling them off. i would post the logs up here but i'm not like that. i'm just sick of this drama. the second one came when my friend kit told me about a local fur that's over one that wants to apparently kick my ass for what i did to them? um what did i do and what does it have to do with you? no. so just means i'll be looking over my shoulder and have something ready for that point in time. the third came from basicly noticing that someone replied under anon. on the journal about me moving out and what happened and basicly in very details.

this is my respond to that. i don't lie about these things i don't try to make myself out to be a victim. if whoever fault who made that post in the first place rather it is wynd or one of those other three guys, or if it's someone new that wynd basicly twisted things around. he's the main user. add up everything he claimed his dad sent him. if you add in his gas money his spending money that he had every month. yeah he spent it on himself. now i'm really getting tired of talking about this shit. people move on i'm done with defending myself. if you have so much time to hate on someone who's been nothing but truthful then you really are lying to yourself and whoever associates with you and i don't have time. so if there are more replys like that i'm just going to delete them and store them for a later date.
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