coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

2nd part of august smoothly ending

with that last posting i told you about the worse parts about what all i was going through, well within a week and a half of posting this, i got my check, and well my mom was still being a pain, so i contacted two of my older sisters and they took me to cash my check, get what i needed and talk to me to help me not do anything to crazy, but after talking to them for awhile then agreeing to give it another go if they help me talk to my mother yet again to help her calm down. i agreed on it. over the span of this week i told you all how i lost my bedroom to my younger sister because she was dumb enough to not have her shit in order, well get this. she hasn't been home for over two almost three weeks, my mom finally sighed and gave me back the room but it was the point that i had to fight her for it. so annoying. but well worthed it. so waiting a few days after she told me it was alright, i basicly went out with my sisters and did everything that needed to be done. and when i came home i gave my mother the money but before i did so i talked alot about what she was doing and how she was treating me and some of my sister's kids. and i did get answers to alot of the things, but the major thing was that we needed to be on the same page. with that in mind. my sense of safety and home have been restored to the point where i can stay with her for a little while longer before branching out on my own again.
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