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o_0 major bleeping update~! XD hold your horses this is big 0_o

you've already heard about what happened in most of june right? it gets better.
for most of that month i'm spending over at my mother's house, already giving wynd about 50 more bucks then i really needed to, basicly i come home. the house is in shambles and basicly no one thought to clean after themselfs, everyone was always on their computers,had the ac on about 65 and wynd. the main lease holder keeping his overly powered big screen tv on. so it slowly ticks me off but nothing really happens, i keep asking for updates from the two freeloaders that we had there. and come to find out they did nothing, and they planned on staying to do nothing. it wasn't until about two and a half to about three days later on the 29th. my sister's birthday i put in my two cents. me paying a large chunk of the rent and whatnot i found out that we had a "436 dollar light bill, what the fuck. were my words, so i go out and i start cleaning up knowing my sister was going to come out and pick me up.

i had planned on spending her birthday with her. us catching a bite to eat and catching a triple feature. that's right. twlight 1~3 were playing on her birthday. the third playing at midnight that night. so i rush to get things in order, and delivn. this bitch shows his ass to me by playing music talking loud over my music as i'm cleaning up. it got to the point where i snapped and i called the main lease holder out, that being wynd. i tried talking to him about figuring out what were we going to do about the two of them. they weren't showing any progess. orginally i was trying to get them to kick that shit in gear,but no. devlin stood up and open his ugly ass mouth" don't talk about us like we're not here" Constantly cutting me off trying to talk to him, before i snapped back "are you a lease holder" it takes him a moment to catch what i was saying"..uhh.. no.." he says. so i snapped back"then back off bitch. i'm trying to talk to the main lease holder, this is between me and him" so tyron, devlin's mate stands up screaming "you wanna know the problem, you're the problem you ugly bitch" and he runs out of the door. i was a mixture between what the hell and that shit was fucking funny. so basicly starts to side with them they all team up against me and when i heard him say"well hon, i don't know i mean they are trying their buying food for the house. and it's the fact that the complains have been coming from both sides.. and sorry hon i'm going to side with them about all of this" basicly

i just chuckled and basicly i left nodding softly and left for my bedrooms, calling a few members of my family crying over the phone to them explaining all of this as i'm telling you. i thought it was a great idea to have the guy i dated at the time to come over but he came over and all my problems felt like they melted away, but forgetting sometime in the morning my sisters were coming over... so that next morning we were woken up by my sisters bamming on my bedroom window, being as loud as ever and they basicly were ready to do some house cleaning. need less to say the freeloaders had more rights then the person paying the bills. with that said and done we fought back and forth and basicly at the end of the day he kept them and i left, i left i took my things and i forced them to break the lease, allowing the lights to stay on while they were there but yeah.

the first of july came and went. i thought i did this great thing leaving these fuckers behind, and whatnot. nope they used my kindness on keeping the power on to basicly bitch and gipe to tons of people that were my friends, feeding them lies and alot of other bogus bull. it first started with the three of them going to kogie, then they went to midekai, they went to rose/shelby, they went to andy, they went to my ex, they went to tons of people. that i knew and some i didn't. so i went to do damnage control at the end of july once internet was restored in my mother's new apartment... yeah you heard it. i moved back in with my mom. things have been great for july and what not,then the 30th came... yeah the start of things to come basicly my check didn't come. come to find out that it was sent back. XD go figured i requested a forward for my mail weeks back but it still went back, so basicly my mom bite into me so much so that it broke me i basicly felt like if she didn't stop rubbing that shit in i would just end it. yeah my mom got me so depressed that in order for her to stop and get the picture of what she was doing, i grabbed a knife, and i slowly went across my arms right along my vains"i know mom thanks for letting me know,anything else i should know" i basicly said and she just left she tried to say sorry but she knew i was in no mood for her. so basicly the first of august comes and my mom shows her ass to me basicly reverting to old Christine. for the first two weeks she overworked me, used me like i was a tool and tossed me to the side, you name it i've been thought it elither in the past or this month. aside from that my younger sister moved in with my mom and basicly in doing so her and my mother hijacked my bedroom she still wants me to pay for. hahah bitch gotta another thing coming. i'm taking both my checks and i'm moving. i've spent this weekend basicly babysitting.. while i don't mind i wish i got more from it. just wish i was paid more.

so basicly while things have cooled down from earlier in the month, that doesn't change the fact that i'm getting the fuck out of here. so i'm plotting and planning my way to my happen ending. with that in mind. i think it's save to say when i'm out of the state of florida i'll be able to close this chapter of this book and move on... i lost so much in just what three months of drama? because i realized that i was being used and i spoke up on it. these guys weren't acting like grown up so they spread useless and needless shit about me. bullcrap. i'm so blissed/ lucky to have great friends, true friends. they came to me. with what wynd,tryon and delvin were saying about me. "i know this isn't true but this is what (one of the three, or all there) were saying about you. i know it isn't true but still what happened"
i explained everything and they basicly laughed and just said "yeah you did right, i would've done the same got damn thing if i were in your shoes" thank you everyone it means alot that i can come to you with this. *bows politely*
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