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here's a lovely update...five months in the making

this is a lovely update about five months in the making, seeing as the last update was around december,
i got back to the tampa,florida area to a warming and loving welcoming embrace of my family, slowly i began rebuild my life

-January -

january was a speical month for me. not only because of my birthday was in this month but one of the first real and true months i was home. or what felt like home and what felt right
the first two weeks were easy, the third week was basicly me saving a close friend/pet's neck, he was getting kicked out and basicly he needed somewhere to go. i got him the ticket to this state and to his pets, but basicly it kinda went bad.. he tried dating jumping in way to soon, and with the heart break i went through with my at the time boyfriend, alexel...i realized that it was my fault for calling it quits but it's mostly because i didn't/couldn't live with myself if i made false promises of if and when i would be back, the hoildays spent alone or those speical days that we would have... just wouldn't work so basicly i made the choice that we should go our own ways, killing the relastionship to save both of our hearts the slow small lets downs as they been.. moving on i met tons of lovely people and whatnot then by the forth week i wanted to screen spending some of the end of the thrid week with that close friend and my ex and a few other people was just really stressful but no worries...till the week of my birthday came around.. so basicly i was being pressured to move down to them and i basicly made it clear that wasn't going to happen i have too much stuff to take care of... then basicly the day before my birthday they showed up on my doorsteps when i kept inststing that i can't do it and whatnot and basicly it wasn't good enough for the main person wanting me to move with him and whatnot so basicly i spent about two days with me... and that was really it. i wanted to scream. finally to get him off my case and to drop the subject i desided to take the offer, that was the major mistake right now. basicly he used peer pressure on me to get me to be his roomate. it was bullcrap and it was annoying that was the end of that month and the start of the next month proved to be just ass annoying

-Feburary -
basicly the month started me being dragged into four different people's living troubles, and they knew that i was only trying to help one person and it turned into four people which was bullcrap and everytime from that point on i was just bitching up a store, so we basicly got the apartments that my uncle lived in. so basicly the first month was rather annoying because everyone didn't want to do one or two things, giving poor ass exsues, basicly forcing me to have the lights in my name. with that said and done. we were stuck with a 270 buck deposit on the lights, so go figure.

basicly this month i basicly got little less then nomral and my roomates didn't care so i basicly did everything that was needed we bout'ed and basicly this was the start of my weekly visits to my mother, she losted a school friend that she was close to suddenly and basicly i was over her place for three or four days but being about 250 bucks short on my grant check for no reason and what not was overly annoying so basicly they took every cent i had.

this month was abit better only been short a good 150 bucks i had a little bit of spending money, but spending most of my time with my mother and family members tho being stucked at that house hold really made me screen, because i really was unhappy people that heard my story on how i was they sprung into action and basicly caused abit of shit to happen, and basicly i had the chance what i needed to get out... saddly that didn't really happen mostly becauase when it came to getting the police invoided to get me out and off the lease i didn't have the right backup and it was really bullshit. after that was said and done it, the month passed by so fast.

may was one of the annoying months for me because my grant check didn't arrive till the end of the month,come to find out that it was the wrong address and it's the fact i had to go through hell getting everything in order, my roomates weren't being supportive at all,with the drama at my place my old roomates kogie and his at the time mate basicly paid my roomate wynd 500 bucks as their part of the rent, and basicly still wanted my 400 bucks for rent at the end of the month basicly using it to get his new car.doing that he still tries to charge me and family members that he gives me ride to money for gas when i could get a ride from someone else who would do that job for much cheaper and much faster, on top of that i lost my phone around the 11th of the month and was stuck using other people's phone and things to contact friends and family,the first case was when my nefew needed to go under the knife in the er because of a infection in his thraot, he still wanted me and my family pay him abit of cash, so i did. but still i needed to be there so basicly i stayed over there for about 4 or 5 days then basicly a week later because of my roomate my mom had a close call that was like a heart attack/hurneia, my mother called for about two days in a row trying to get ahold of me and this fucker forgets his phone in his car, giving me a rude awakening one afternoon. so basicly i've been over over into the new month

this month. hasn't really ended but basicly it started with my mom needing help and tons of rest it's going on the second of the week of the month and i'm not really getting back to my own place till monday or so. things have someone gotten better not really basicly the first was when i got my money for myself and whatnot. basicly i had bills i had to take care of and a few other things to take care of. my fucking roomate was trying to take 100 extra bucks out of rent and fuck me over, he didn't realize i had to pay the bill and whatnot and basicly i gave him 50 bucks more on my rent then what i needed to do. cause basicly i was home last month maybe 2 weeks and all the rise in the bills weren't my fault and i still had to pay for the mistake, plus the end of the las month i helped two of my friends with their housing problems basicly what happen was basicly they were getting kicked out, anywho offered them a place at my place till their on their feet, getting to know them in person tend to show me i kinda see why they weren't getting much help, they acted like they didn't appeatiate someone else's kindness and was thankful. till i left for my mom, there alot better but they've both hit strike one with me. so no worries we'll see if there truely worthy of this help i'm trying to do.

with that thats my large large update, basicly i'll be posting on here more often. promise. i wish the best to everyone and whatnot please have a great time, till next time
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