coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

New month, Another chapter... i guess

drama seems to keep happen everywhere i go, it mess up friendships,nearly ending them and when you think you can take it anymore... someone pulls you back up and talk to you with a clam head,and the problem is sovled.

for me that seems to keep happening here in texas,over the past few weeks, maybe a month or so hell maybe more since i last replyed on here. tons of stuff happened that left me elither at the point of wanting to just drop it all and leave, or near that point...

so whenever i feel like that i take a step back and walk around the city, that way i see both side, the good and bad. i really can't leave now i'm in school, and i'm helping around the house. but since my friend moved in with me he has taken over that part. so i'm like alright if you want saves me a few nosebleed XD.

hehe so yeah, my family finally wants to me to come back to florida to visit them. while i want to i just don't know how my cash will be. hehe same goes for my friends in norcal. i totally want to be there for fc but i don't know if i'll have my bus/plane ticket, and the fee for the hotel and fc. heheh see my point.
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