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Bust or not? you tell me

looking back about three months or so when i first made it to texas. i noticed how things were sudden was looking up. i let my gaurd down and therfore i let two people in my life after i stayed with them use me.figuring we were all going to be roomates and it all was going to be good. i didn't see the harm in it. i broke free of that after one day it all made clam to me.i was so thankful that i was said i looked for a place, one was a wolf and the other was a fox. i thought i could depend on them but it really wasn't the case they tried to trick me into thinking everyone was being kicked out and we all needed to leave. playing along i called my contacts to see if i can get some funds to help cover myself in a friends place.with all the time that has past i seen the three freeloaders that were in this house leave, i've seen fights break out because things they said behind my back that came to surface when their friends asked me about this stuff.we even went on a hunt for the missing coins X_X feel but hot as hell. some of the time has been a drag but most of the time i'm having a blast.

with that in mind i got myself and them to the dallas area. i didn't know many furs at the time. but it soon started to change as i began getting more out going with friends like the ones i have i'm glad i get to hang out every weekend with them.

after seeing a few movies i feel like i want to go back to two places from my past. 1 being San Jose,ca. i miss my friends from there. i feel like we were like brothers *smiles* the second.... well... i'm still coming to terms with... see i was disowned rather you realize it or not. but over the past few months i have talked to my mother and my sister... it sucks to say i miss them? i miss my younger brother's and sister's and one older sister. that's the truth. but it was the fact of the matter because the rest of my close family didn't defend me.. i felt as if i couldn't stay anylonger.. i choose not to be a tool... that all i was to them so i left. i want to go back to Tampa to show them that i'm a failure, that i won't lay and die like they kept saying that night. no hehe i'm making sure they see for themselfs that i'm happy, i'm full of life and i'm willing to go on with my life. if they can take there eyes out of their tv's and what not. my goal is to visit my family before fc rolls back around. i know then i'll be able to spend more time with my friends cause it's around my birthday.
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