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Birthday wishlist - 1/29

hiya all guess what. My Birthday is this month... well at the end of it... lol a day after FC

anywho i've been doing tons of free artwork and have loved every minute of it. but i wanted to know just for this day. can others awesome and draw me something!

it can be anything from a drawing of corootai to items
i even take porn if your willing to draw it. any character will do. but it'll be nice to see my character done by another artist. i'm a huge fan of the Bemani series it'll be awesome to see coroo dancing and whatnot. or try airboarding with my favortive stage from the upcoming game. hehe if you wanna give me a heads up or keep it totally to youself till the day comes :p

item wishlist

Virtua Fighter 5 (360)
DDR Universe 2 Bundle (360)
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Ps2)

and above anything else *bows*
thank you. you really didn't have to read this. but you did...thanks it means alot to know that someone cares.

these are the things i'm kinda hoping for hehehe. Birthday wishlist - 1/29
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