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chrismas,belated new year and earlier.

hey everyone. happy belated new year and stuff.

it's been a while since i posted in here so i'll catch you up to time in sacramento is going well. but at the same time i'm having throughts of going away... i don't want to but it's the fact it's taking such a bite out of my pocket that i'm spending money,food money in such is very little more or less. so yeah.. i can't bring myself to tell my roomate that it's a chance that i may move..after all he helped so much getting into a place and whatnot.

i'm just worried if i do it'll mess him up.. and i can't do that to him.
i'm roughing out what i can. i've been getting offers from old friends and fur firends all the time to come down or something along those lines. i just don't wanna seem as if i'm messing someone else up that's having just as a hard time. but yeah....

chrismas well that was pretty neat. i got to go skydiving and a small shoping spree

now while all these were awesome and good. i didn't need the emotional baggage my good friend passlion placed on me at the time. i know he may not have ment to. but still..he would talk about the past and those really bad memories would begin to hit me over and over. and i broke down... it got to the point where i wanted to walk myself back to sacramento.funny thing was the thing that lead up to this was him wanting to cuddle... i didn't want to cuddle with him cause looking back in the past at how he would breakdown from it... then he went on about the past.. that's the reason why i wanted to leave.. but no i didn't... i stayed for him. i stayed because that would look good.
it almost happened again but he gave a speach that kinda sounded like he planed for it to happen. i was kinda effected the same. i was like what... i had to take two about what he was talking about how "we wanted us to grow,teach, and lean from each other" i was like.. but i don't think that even now will work. i knew where he was coming from but i didn't stop him from making his point. but hehe yeah that's my christmas.

new years. i was looking forward to being with friends. but that didn't really happen from the lack of having a ride i couldn't make it to and cool partys aww well i lease i was playing portal. :p

so yeah that's me lately

all these feeling really came from no where but my worse time up here was this storm that going on as we speak the worse was yesterday and there's another coming this afternoon and what not. pretty much i'm stuck sitting through this storm till like later next week.
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