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alot of bs keeps happening to me

mnn early this month pretty much i want to scream louder then ever.... not only did i have to leave nor cal but it's the fact of the matter that most of the people who i left for really wasn't worth it. to sum it up in the az area. i left to be with a family friend who said they'll help me... they flaked... the person i was going to do.. his mother called the cops on me... the feeling of being lied to is really hurtful. good thing i didn't know at the time he was 17 cause i wasn't told that.. but still... with all those things to deal with i took everything out of my savings and checking account to get myself to san diego, their i had a few more friends help me out. i'm really thankful to them..kips, sam all those guys really helped out...lonely did also..but it's the fact of the matter were dating.. and i just wished he showed me more attention and stuff... but in the end that's how he lost me. i really haven't told him yet but yeah. i'm gonna tell him elither tomorrow night or abit later, moving on.

then a few weeks back when i finally made it back to san jose i was so glad.. but it shortly lived seeing as we left for this covention with this group midekai works with. the ride on it's one to salt lake city was 15 hours, with that in mind we still had to deal with the co workers and the higher ups, it just got very anoyying to me. once we were there we ended up having to wake up two to three hours early just for a annoying meeting not only that it was the fact of the matter that everyone there other then a few other guys were really cool... all in all it got so bad there that it made me and midekai debate on going to the greyhound station and getting a ride back, so all in all i head an so so time. i learned alot of things for the classes themselfs but from the other higher up and stuff i just thought they could do better.

well that was like two to three days ago. so anywho finally things has began getting back to normal.. when we seen our friend v-mon get back. well guess what. we went to golfland, then the local college to see if we could sign up. on the way leaving we gotten into a car acddient seeing the fact we rear ended a suv... alot of stuff hsppened... on top of that i lost the place were i was staying because of it.. not only that someone i was planing on moving with lost theirs... so it's kinda in the air rather or not i can go with them.. or have them move much closer so we wouldn't have to travel much.

anyways that's been the over view of this whole freaken month, enjoy everyone
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