coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

doing the best i can.

well with less then a week left from leaving i've been thinking of a few things. i've been looking around wanting to meet new people to set myself up to have my own group of friends other then passlion and midekai. all in all it's going pretty well but at lease two of my friends kept telling me that i need to slow things down. i agreed with them. i already slowed things down mnn all in all hehe yeah..i'm doing so so.. i ended up breaking up with chazz.. things seemed to go down hill.. it kinda made me feel like a less of a person.. but i don't blame chazz.. i'm sure he didn't make things seem bad.. but all in all i'm just sick of being hurt..more or less.. i'm wishing that things get so much better when i go up there. i head out this saturday.. anywho i'm gonna work on myself before trying even think of getting a new mate. i'm sorry but it's just i've been hurt too much.. hehe and it seems like no one cares for this dolphie. but it's fine. hehe i'm just not really for it i guess.. fate must have something out and planed..hehe one can only be hopeful.
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