coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

i seen this coming but why does this seem to hurt?

more or less because i wanted to help someone and wanted to feel abit more free i'm losing the place i'm staying. it's fine seeing the fact i seen this coming since fc.... funny... looking back now.. now i know why i seem so spacey when i should've been having fun..

going on getting annoyed with the whole roomate things how i helped out my so called friend seeing he didn't defend me after all that shit that happened how i was the only one who was willing to help but no. i don't care right now.. i planed this ahead i'm gonna land fine from this.i already planed on leaving over to my sister's place.

among things after this blows over i gonna work on making my own life better i found a progam that starts me where i left off before leaving for califonia and with that i could get on with my life. also i do intend on doing a few things so heh no worries..
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