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it's been a good while?

don't you guys think so? anywho sorry i haven't updated in a while. here's a nice minute to catch you guys up. vanlintes day, all in all it went very nice. went out to eat i hanged out and went to the movies and then it had to end around 9pm that's when i left.before that one of my bestest friends...well i don't know if we're that close to call him that anymore... i would just say my friend for now. he's like a brother.. but at times he could be rather... what's the word... difficult.

i got over how he treated my disabled little brother.. it got me so mad i wanted to hurt him.. but at the same time. i stopped myself and pulled him back. going on. this year started out ok we got to hang out with one another.. then he wanted to come back to tampa. and i was like that's awesome. but then he wanted to get a apartment with me.

i thought it would be cool. what i didn't see well rather i didn't add up everything.but when i did i had to say no. cause within the first 3 months we would lose the place.. and i wouldn't want to turn and elither go back to my mom.. that .. or stay on anyone.. i don't want to be that kind of burden. so when i finally got back to town i talked to kc about the space i had and if it was anything he and everyone else could do to help me. they did last weekend.

i have this huge ass room and i'm happy for it. i'm gonna sign the lease to be added. i pay my share of things and such.anywho a day or so later my friend told me that his parents wanted him out this firday. and i'm like ah.. carp.. and so i offer for him to stay here. i don't have any problems with it cause i know he would do the same for me. well so far things are kinda rocky. things are good at times.

i'm happy he's here and all. but at other times i would see why we wouldn't see each maybe once or twice a week. he tend to have a habit to.. well be an ass to one of the main person who is trying to help him. i mean he shots down what style of drawing,my games and system choices, and it sometimes get to him. i would want to yell "Fuck off will you, i mean dude i'm trying to help you but you're doing this to me. damn be nicer" is that so much to ask for".. with that said. i plan on talking with him about a few things when i have the chance and when i'm in a good mood.. i don't want this to blow up in my face... that'll happen if i'm pissed off at the moment... my bitch side will come out and i wouldn't want to hurt anyone now would i? i mean he something becomes a bit of an ass on the smallest of things. sure the ps3 sucks and all. but damn stop acting like the wii can sure cancer. i'm not trying to be mean or anything cause my man's mother is dieing of that. do knock on wood. i really didn't mean to hurt anyone. but it seems that if i don't anything like this or become a bitch every now and then. nothing will change.. am i wrong?

so to push away my anger at the world and how i feel i somethings get the short end of the stick i began to play stepmania. while he was playing sonic and the secret rings. sure a good game. i just don't like people or furs trying to tell me what to do. i'll listen but if i'm not in the mood i would just tell them not now. and my friend over there is the kind of person to keep annoying you till you listen. i hope this was the right choice helping him out.... i believe it is.. even at the cost of my own happyness and time along where i can regain sanity from my room mates
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