coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

Past and present.

looking how at everything has gone thought my past and what things await me.
what some people don't get. is the fact that if i'm already with someone that i really miss and i do something like say. be with my ex and talk and even play with him. more or less. i do these things i guess to fill the hole he left. when we're not near each other. these are the things i lack to tell midekai or passlion. but going. i could have talked to them i know but i'm like what's the use. passlion is still trying to get me back in love with him. what he lacks to see is the fact that i'm still in a relationship. so with him being so close. had an effect on me. i became distant because i felt like shit for what i did. i felt like i betrayed chazz and such. i'm not trying mess up this good relationship i what with him. all i can be for passlion is a friend.there was a time where i still loved him. but it kinda went down to friendship. that's the best way i could put it. but still it's better then me saying "hey know what" shoots bird and walks away letting that be the end of us talking in such.

so yeah how i look at it i have to put my love first before my friend ship. nothing more nothing less. passlion is my past.. i can't get over of but he's known me well enough so that way it'll be good to have him as my friend. chazz is my present. sure he's going though his own sets of problems but still who doesn't. i was torn because i was given all this cool stuff from's like he was trying something. but i didn't mind it i said thank you. but why did he buy me all that stuff. i feel like i want to hide somewhere after i post this

odds are passy will be reading this... so all i can say is sorry but it's true i wrote this. no only that but i'm sorry about what i wrote on those days. i did it to make you feel better not only that but you too what i ment wrong when i said it looks like we'll be back together i ment our time at fc not what you were thinking.
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