coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

my time at fc

my time at fc has been rather better then i plan. i had fun more times then i feel felt down.alot of artists liked my work so i'm really happy about that. hehe anywho the only down part about my time. my time with passlion was ok i mean it wasn't bad at all it's just.... (passlion was to close to me.. i wanted a best friend not a lion actting like a dog following me closely) i talked to him later during the con.. it got him rather down and all he kept saying was "why can't i be myself? i can be really relyable..." what i told him was "it's fine to be yourself, it's just you're too close. i need my own breathing room. secondly don't talk about chazz like that you and i know both what he's going thought, it's not right so please drop it" more or less.. he go depressed.

i see passlion as my friend..sad to say since he's my ex who i really liked, but i don't think i'm gonna get back with him i have my life ahead of me. i want to enjoy it and not have something or someone pulling me back from one of my dreams. i mean on my 21st b'day i elither want to go to Los Vegas if not a sky diving course will be waiting for me.

i have 8 more days left here in san jose. its kinda ok that i'm spending my b-day away from home. but looking at it from another angle. i know i wouldn't be doing anything else if i was at home. and what passlion and midekai did for me was so great. and i know i have to enjoy everything and every joke more or less. hehe.
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