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fears.. the main thing i'm worried about is my current mate chazz... he's losing his mother..she's going to pass soon.. i want to be there for him..i want to go up there to norcal.. but i don't want to leave him like that... and if i do when would i see him..what do i do? do i tell him that he should move on... should i tell him to stay with me.. i don't know right now... he's in school and everything

i have two choices to go with.. i can live with my best friend eric.. i kinda don't see that cause he has a nake to say things about the games i buy but when it comes to his wii it's perfect.. *rolls eyes* i think not.. sure the wii is a badass gaming platform but it's not for some people. with that said i'm moving on..

the second choice is me moving to north cal with midekai and passlion.. some would say it's kinda a bad idea to move with someone you'll knowing for the longest... but the fact of the matter what i'm worried about is after we get the place and all.. what then? i know i'm gonna be focused on my schooling. i know that. but still if i'm still with chazz i don't want passlion to get mad at me.. i don't want anything bad to happen.. that's all i'm saying.. i thought about this one the way right now it's damn if i do damn if i don't
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