coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

time at gameworks

today was a day i was mostly looking forward cause it was a furmeet and it was at one of my favortive places, gameworks. to start out the furmeet to the best of what i know/knew started around 7pm around the same time the deal for 10 bucks started. i fell asleep around 5:44 thinking i would wake up around 6:30 and would just get a ride. lol i totally over slept and wound up waking up around 7:49 looking around for cloths and stuff i made it out of the door and asked my roomate to give me a ride. after ten mins of talking to miles he finally did it and gave me a ride. only to stop at a store and buy him some soda and then back on the way to gameworks. anywho after i made it there. there was no sign what so every that their was ever a furmeet going on. i thought i missed them and all. i still think i do only reason was from the ddr machine the furry names i noticed where on there. anywho going on. i desided to stay till closing

on the way out i desided i need to think things thought about what i wanted... forgetting about everyone else cause i know i can't make others happy without being happy myself. i biked my way to my grandfathers house and stood outside softly talking to the wind asking him to help me come up with something... and how i'll be dang to spend my like in a box like room like they want. i came up with this.. i was planing on sitting down and talking with them.. being serious something most people/furs kinda don't see too much. anywho i was planing on giving my sister my check to help me save for the summer so i can move then i'll have more then enough for that. knowing kc he would have a fit i know it. but i can't stay in this small ass room with out ac. no i refuse. then i would ask him to give me to the summer to let me stay. if the plans don't work out the way i want then i'll stay...(ha... right really) if they do i'll be sitting pretty. so for now i'm gonna cancel my plans to get a 360. i've desided to only buy things that are under the necessary amount that i need the car can wait till i'm in a better place. *sighs* if this doesn't work.. i'll see what i can do about asking my dad if i can stay with him..don't want too but still.

one the way back something messed up happened.. i got pulled over by a cop.. i don't know why...since i was in a bike.. doing everything right.. anywho he ask me question and i answered them and stuff, losing about 20 mins of travel time because of him, so i can say baka to that dude.

aside from that and being stood up at gameworks i had an ok day.
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