coroo_dolphin (coroo_dolphin) wrote,

some gifts for myself.

you know you had a bad holiday when you buy you're self something and it doesn't get here for another day and a half. lol

i brought myself three games for 23 bucks but with shiping and such it came up to 36 bucks. lol i wish it was an easier way not to pay so damn much for overnight shipping.

lol i know their not the best games lol xplay made them out to be very bad games. kinda. but still i wanna try them out if i don't like them i'll just sell them or something then slap myself for getting them in the first place. lol

these are the games being sent to me

Seven Samurai 20XX - Used 1 $9.99
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - Used 1 $7.99
Unlimited Saga - Used 1 $5.99

so i'm gonna be playing a few new games also. I BEAT SHINING FORCE NEO! i'm a level 200 with mostly everything other then like 6 things
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