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This is me...

Name:Corootai Hiro

Species:Bottlenose Dolphin
Gender: Male

Outward Appearance

Fur/Scale Colour:
grayish - purple > Lavander
Hair/Head Fur:
Silver with light purple highlights.
just like yuna he has mixmatch eyes. Purple while the other silver

Distinguishing Features

since coroo had been brainwashed he has a long scar that is almost on everypart of his body, with one large strake runing over his face,arms,chest,and leg

his basic look is like yuna from FFX

Mostly he'll why this long blue robe magic robe given to him by his grandfather when he arrives at atlantis for his traning and everything else.
when he finds the time to go out he loves to wear nomral loose fitting close to just relax with and or when he goes out like to a club he loves to wear tight fitting clothing. there were meny times where he was mistacking for a female. but that's like 80% of the time anyways.

he has a backpack on his back that has most of his stuff like a months worth of cookies,soda,and other foods
his handy laptop is also in there and he also have his mooncry staff,mooncry Bracelet to control the effect of the mooncry mindcontrol that the crystals hold.

Coroo has a only really three things to his weaponry. mooncry staff, magic, and a knife at the end of the mooncry staff

Personality & Background Info

Cookies,video games,helping out,nice people,going out on dates and taking in the night life

mean people,too less book work,and alot more i'll have to get back to you on that.anyone who gets in his way at the time when someone he really care for is getting hurt.

well how can i put it he like not what you think what would come from a dolphin he's really kind and caring he puts others before himself,and loves to know that he helped out and done good.

Time Summmoner he want to follow in the foot steps of his Grandfather: Ecco The Dolphin. forced into this type of work by his bloodline it was really soppoust to be his older brother nakio but saddly him and his parents were killed when arriving at atlantis. in fact coroo wants to go to school to learn how to become a as a massage thearpy and working on many fur to help out with there day and stuff

coroo is from a sea side city named Marina Bay. but after finding out about what was instore for him then after leaving his home. he left and when to his training ground at atlantis where he trained to become the best Time mage and summoner,he pushes himself to the limted to bring him family back to life.

Location: Unknown........

Additional Information: when coroo is really mad or just to afread to do anything something snaps inside of his making his eyes become pure silver. this is not good sign stay away from him,he'll take down the one who making him feel the pain and fear plus one other person if not anything.

And Just For Fun...

Favourite Quote *makes a gun with his paw and point it ahead then acts as he his about to shoot it* Even Good Guys Blow It! hmm*brings his paw back down to his side* (my favortive ending pose for sarah bryant from Virtua Fighter 4)

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AIM Contact: keogisnake
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